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Hello, my name is Jo and I have ten years experience of working as a psychotherapist and counsellor. I currently work in Cambridge.

People often wonder if their issues are sufficient enough to seek therapy for. I always say that if something is bothering you then it is important enough to attend to. People seek therapy for very different reasons. Some may want a greater sense of  personal power and to feel more grounded and at ease with themselves, whilst others may begin to start the recovery process of a past or ongoing trauma.

Within the therapy sessions I like to prioritise the relationship that develops  between myself and you the client. I believe it is through the process of building a meaningful therapeutic relationship that  greater personal insight to your issues can be reached. I feel strongly that as we are social beings; hardwired for connection, that in times of turmoil and distress we should process this within a supportive and nurturing relationship. We cannot expect ourselves to solely work through things alone.

I strive to provide a warm and empathic space where clients feel they can bring themselves to be heard and understood. I am interested in your unique subjective experience of who you are and what you choose to bring to the sessions.

My work is informed by many different psychotherapeutic approaches which allows for a more tailored fit for each client according to what they are bringing and wanting to work on. I am particularly drawn to humanistic, attachment, and psychodynamic theory.

I can offer short term therapy or long term therapy with regular reviews.

I currently work as a counsellor for the student counselling service at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and hold a private practice in Chesterton, Cambridge